Ground-based control of the skies (via Appelberg)

With the number of aerial threats growing rapidly, effective ground-based air defence (GBAD) is more important than ever. Used either alone or in concert with fighter aircraft, Saab’s GBAD solutions help armed-forces to gain mastery of the sky.


NNC 2018 Gratitude Report (NNC)

Relaxed and happy in their tidy inner west flat, Glen and Jacqueline are a picture of domestic bliss. They enjoy cooking meals, singing along to the guitar, and hosting friends. But it wasn’t so long ago their lives were very different.


The art of ageing gracefully (via BYNT)

From grey hair through to ‘senior’s moments’, ageing brings a wide range of changes to our bodies and minds. Those who cope best tend to be great at adapting and at making the most of what life offers.


Scania Legend (via Appelberg)

Long-time Scania operator Warren Good jumped at the chance to field test a Next Generation S620 on his challenging freight run on New Zealand’s South Island.


Meet the mini mills (via Appelberg)

The trend for near-net-shape production and 3D printing is helping to drive demand for extremely small end mills. Far from a niche product, such mills can be found in countless applications.