Processing excellence (via Spoon)

Building materials company Boral has taken a major step towards being able to “mine anywhere, anytime” at its Deer Park quarry in Melbourne, Australia, thanks to an innovative and modern processing plant solution.


Practice makes perfect (via Spoon)

With remote Australian mine sites often long distances from professional emergency services, on-site emergency response crews need to feel confident handling just about any type of crisis. The Mining Emergency Response Competition (MERC) held annually in Perth helps them hone their skills and get prepared for a range of scenarios.


Journey forward (Via Appelberg)

Indonesia’s state-owned rail operator PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) annually moves more than 300 million passengers and some 30 million tonnes of freight. Now, with a major expansion of the network under way, the company is working hard to raise the levels of quality and professionalism.


Slowly does it (Via Appelberg)

Having taken the culinary world by storm, the “slow movement” is now being embraced by areas ranging from fashion to medicine and manufacturing, with surprising results in terms of productivity.


A solution for home and away (Via Appelberg)

Saab’s transportable aircraft hangars and maintenance containers have proven their worth time and again on the frontline of conflicts. The next generation Deployable Aircraft Maintenance (DAM) facility is also ideal for domestic use, offering the strength and durability of a fixed facility at a fraction of the cost.


Cat 6015B White Paper (WesTrac)

Weighing in at 140 tonnes and with an 8.1 cubic metre bucket, the Cat 6015B fills a long-standing gap in the Australian hydraulic excavator market. But how does it stack up against its rivals? A new production study conducted in Western Australia’s Goldfields region shows the new Cat easily outperforms the competition for fuel economy and productivity.


A real crowd pleaser (WesTrac)

With a host of features aimed at boosting productivity and ease of operation, the new Cat® 745 articulated truck is the perfect fit for Reiner Earthmoving’s fleet.


What is a marine protected area? (WWF)

Never before in human history have the world’s oceans and the creatures that live in them been under greater stress. With the human population of the Earth now topping seven billion, fish are being harvested for the table in record numbers, with many species being hunted to extinction.


What is climate change? (WWF)

The climate of the Earth is made up of all the various regional climates put together. It has changed throughout the planet’s 4.5-billion-year history, with conditions becoming warmer or cooler at various times in the past. However scientific observations now show that the Earth’s climate has changed very rapidly in the last 100 years or so – climbing by a little under 1 °C.