Engaging content that builds bridges.

Our Mission

Fallon Dasey has a simple mission.

To provide corporate marketing departments in Australia and Europe with content that helps them build relationships – and increase sales.

We offer a complete range of content services, including providing strategic advice, brainstorming content ideas, providing of all types of content, as well as publication, printing, and website creation.

We’re firm believers in a satisfied customer being the best form of advertising. We’d love to show you how we can simplify your content supply needs and make your life easier. Call us today to discuss your content needs.

  • Fallon Dasey is a proud small business member of the Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce.

Meet the team

Daniel Fallon
Daniel Fallon Founder, writer and editor
Dan has more than 20 years’ experience with leading media companies Fairfax Media and Australia Consolidated Press and is also the author of the popular guide book, Golf Resorts of the World.

In his most recent role before founding Fallon Dasey, he was the Digital Editor for The Sydney Morning Herald, a high-pressure role that honed his ability to stay calm and collected under the tightest of deadlines. Prior to that, Dan held a number of roles editing entertainment and technology sections at The Herald.

A self-confessed tech geek, Dan got his break into the industry by editing technology magazines. He plays saxophone in various bands, enjoys playing sports and loves spending time with his family.

Karin Stenberg
Karin StenbergBrand strategist
Karin is an experienced and perceptive moderator, workshop facilitator and strategist who loves to unravel insights about people, user experiences and brands, and piecing them together to inform decisions and designs.

With a background in brand strategy, advertising and UX she is particularly interested in helping to create holistic brand and user experiences that meet consumer needs and resonate with people.

Her specialties include qualitative research, user/UX/CX research, communications/advertising development, brand strategy, NPD and innovation, design Thinking, and service design.

Daniel Dasey
Daniel Dasey Founder, writer and editor
Daniel’s career in communications began at the age of eight when he sold newspapers out of a barrow on the streets of Sydney, Australia!

After earning a degree in communications, he spent 17 years working with Australia’s best media companies as a news reporter, section editor, and finally producing advertiser-driven supplements.

Daniel next spent three years working in-house for creative agencies in Sweden, where he worked with multinational brands as diverse as Ericsson, Saab, and Scania.

Daniel is the head writer and editor for Fallon Dasey and has written hundreds of articles and edited scores of magazines and white papers for major corporates on three continents.

Jason Knight
Jason KnightFilmmaker
Jason Knight is an award-winning filmmaker, producer, director and editor who specialises in producing film content to help businesses connect to their customers and grow.

Jason has worked for major networks and studios and at the highest levels of the advertising industry. He knows what works and what doesn’t and produces gorgeous, articulate films that effortlessly communicate key corporate messages.

Ulf Schroeter
Ulf SchroeterWeb and graphic designer
Born and raised in Berlin, Ulf has called Australia home for the past 20 years. His association with design stretches back even further and he is passionate about clean lines, the smart use of colour and effective visual communication.

Ulf is just as comfortable designing an engaging website as he is creating a beautiful layout for a magazine or annual report. When he’s not out surfing, he likes to design apps in his spare time.

Ulf has two daughters with his beautiful Australian wife, Carey, and he lives with his family on Sydney’s northern beaches.

Joshua Dasey
Joshua DaseyPhotographer
Josh has shot just about everything there is to shoot. Advertising, food, catalogue, industrial, people, automotive, reportage, beauty, fashion and more. His work has won industry awards in fields as diverse as food, catalogue, automotive, environmental engineering, and portraiture.

Josh prides himself on adapting his technique to suit the brief. He is not precious about what he does, and he enjoys breaking rules and pushing the boundaries by using new techniques, new technology and tricks. He is an early adopter and has been using imaging software since 94, back when people thought Photoshop was a store that sold pictures.

Mathias Johansson
Mathias JohanssonGraphic designer and illustrator
Mathias is a driven, accomplished senior graphic designer with vast experience (25+ years) from roles in corporate design, publishing, marketing, advertising, web and packaging design.

He has the skills needed to provide design solutions that comply with brand guidelines, while achieving creativity and originality. He also has an excellent eye for detail and a natural ability to create design originals to meet most requirements.

Jason Dasey
Jason DaseyProducer and presenter
A journey as a broadcast journalist that began at Sydney’s Channel 7 saw Jason become a ground-breaking presenter at some of the world’s biggest networks in Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

Jason was the first Australian sports host on both BBC and CNN, before becoming a senior anchor and TV executive in Singapore and Malaysia as the Pay TV boom spread to emerging markets. Branching into radio, he also hosted his own interview show on Singapore business station, Money FM.

More recently, Jason has worked as a journalist for ABC News, across digital, radio and television, while servicing Asian clients through his own company, Cockatoo Media. He is also an experienced emcee, keynote speaker and media trainer.