Cat R1700 White Paper (WesTrac)

With a bigger payload and more powerful engine, the new model Cat R1700 underground loader looks on paper to be major step-up from its predecessor. But how do the old and new models compare under real Australian conditions? A new production study undertaken in Western Australia’s goldfields shows the new R1700K offers mine operators major productivity and efficiency gains.


Get the support you need, now (via BYNT)

Home Care packages from the federal government help tens of thousands of Australians to live independently in their own homes. But with waiting lists for some packages stretching to more than 12 months, it makes sense to look at other ways of accessing the support you need right away.


New generation of buyers (Via Appelberg)

With savvy modern B2B buyers increasingly using the Internet to comparison-shop, manufacturers are introducing sophisticated e-commerce offerings to keep pace.


Client Stories – Katherine (via BYNT)

Throughout her life, Katherine Brennan has faced the challenges posed by her cerebal palsy with a mix of good humour and persistence. Now, BaptistCare is helping her embrace ageing the same way.


Ground-based control of the skies (via Appelberg)

With the number of aerial threats growing rapidly, effective ground-based air defence (GBAD) is more important than ever. Used either alone or in concert with fighter aircraft, Saab’s GBAD solutions help armed-forces to gain mastery of the sky.


Link Group 2018 Annual Report (Link Group)

We live in an age when rapid technological change and disruptive business models have become commonplace. To survive, flourish and grow, modern companies must not only deliver what the market wants today, but have a focus on innovation and continually anticipate better, smarter solutions that clients will need in the future.


NNC 2018 Gratitude Report (NNC)

Relaxed and happy in their tidy inner west flat, Glen and Jacqueline are a picture of domestic bliss. They enjoy cooking meals, singing along to the guitar, and hosting friends. But it wasn’t so long ago their lives were very different.