Artist Voices Report (SSI)

Fallon Dasey provided creative services, edited, designed and laid out the SSI Artist Voices Report. The 10-page report looked at the impacts of COVID-19 on participants in SSI's Arts & Culture program.


Australian Mining 2030 white paper (WesTrac)

Fallon Dasey provided the written content for Towards 2030, a 4000-word white paper by Caterpillar equipment dealer WesTrac. Services included interviews, writing and review rounds.


Cat 6015B White Paper (WesTrac)

Weighing in at 140 tonnes and with an 8.1 cubic metre bucket, the Cat 6015B fills a long-standing gap in the Australian hydraulic excavator market. But how does it stack up against its rivals? A new production study conducted in Western Australia’s Goldfields region shows the new Cat easily outperforms the competition for fuel economy and productivity.