Ground-based control of the skies (via Appelberg)

With the number of aerial threats growing rapidly, effective ground-based air defence (GBAD) is more important than ever. Used either alone or in concert with fighter aircraft, Saab’s GBAD solutions help armed-forces to gain mastery of the sky.


A solution for home and away (Via Appelberg)

Saab’s transportable aircraft hangars and maintenance containers have proven their worth time and again on the frontline of conflicts. The next generation Deployable Aircraft Maintenance (DAM) facility is also ideal for domestic use, offering the strength and durability of a fixed facility at a fraction of the cost.


5 facts about NLAW (Article for Saab)

The global political situation is in flux. After many years of stability, European nations are concerned about a threat from the east and looking to substantially increase their defences at home.


Game changer against tanks (Article for Saab)

With tanks playing an increasingly decisive role in complex battle environments, defending forces need an effective anti-tank weapon. Saab’s NLAW system has the portability and fire power needed to stop tanks in their tracks.


5 facts about SAFE (Article for Saab)

SAFE (Situational Awareness for Enhanced Security) is an open-integration software platform for mission-critical operations. Used in command and control rooms at places like airports, prisons, traffic control and emergency response centres, it is known to improve workflows and create more efficient processes while increasing security and safety.


Opportunity knocks (Article for Saab)

After less than 20 years of operation, Saab Australia has tripled in size, expanding its domain range and customer base. Managing Director Dean Rosenfield says the secret is a willingness to continually evolve.


Small diameter, big impact (Article for Saab)

With mortars increasingly replacing artillery in the modern battlefield, combat battalions have been searching for greater fire power. THOR 120mm mortar ammunition closes the capability gap, delivering an effect comparable to a 155mm artillery shell.


Five things you didn’t know about the RBS15 (Article for Saab)

The RBS15 Mk3 is known in defence circles as the world’s leading anti-ship missile. Carrying a 200-kilogram warhead, it can be launched from multiple platforms including trucks, aircraft and ships, and it allows for true fire-and-forget operability in all weather conditions. But how well do you really know the RBS15? The following facts might surprise you