Weaving a brighter future for women (IKEA)

Indian social-activist, Dr. Dipti Singh, is passionate about helping women to become leaders. So is IKEA. That’s why the company is supporting the Rangsutra craft-collective where Ditpi works; helping to change lives in rural India forever.


Top 5 Tips for Building a Green Cafe or Restaurant (Blog for Brita)

Australian restaurant and café customers are increasingly expecting venues to play a role in helping preserve resources and acting ‘green’. Here, David Veksler from leading hospitality design and construction firm Guru Projects gives five tips for creating greener, more environmentally sustainable venues.


What can $2 really buy you in Sydney? (Blog for Brita)

Two dollars doesn’t buy you much of anything in a city the size of Sydney – let alone an unlimited supply of something. But at The Butler restaurant in Potts Point, that’s all you’ll pay for a bottomless bottle of sparkling or still BRITA water.


A tale of slow cooking and sparkling water (Blog for Brita)

Fancy Hank’s is a Melbourne institution, serving up some of Australia’s best American-style barbecue food. Installing the BRITA Professional Bottling has allowed the venue to improve its table-water offering while boosting revenue.


Micro cafes making a big difference (Blog for Brita)

Small really can be beautiful. Just ask the operators of Australia’s growing number of micro-cafes, who are serving up great coffee from venues as small as three square metres. Good planning and the efficient use of space helps them stay profitable and in business.


Thinking outside of the box (Article for IKEA)

Mushroom foam, honeycomb inserts, and sugar-cane-based film. They sound like dishes on a dessert menu, but these materials could revolutionise the way that IKEA products are packaged.