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CLIENT: Doidea
ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Convini website
CREATED: June 2019
AUTHOR: Fallon Dasey

Fallon Dasey adapted the Swedish text for Convini's website to engaging English
About Convini - Your best friend at work
Trust your gut feeling

Convini grew from us asking the simple question, ‘How can we make people’s workplaces better?’. We quickly realised that a happy stomach was essential to wellbeing. So is taking a break every now and then. By combining these two ideas we developed a unique workplace food solution.

Convini in 20 seconds
What we do

We take a stomach-centred approach to creating happier employees with the help of good food, tasty snacks, unbeatable coffee and other goodies from our range.

What we believe in

We believe that breaks, happy employees and regular exercise are all necessary for keeping workplaces running smoothly. If a company’s employees are doing well, then so will the business. It’s just common sense.

Our concept

The Convini Store is always accessible and ready to cater to your employees' daily needs - be it breakfast, lunch or an afternoon snack.

We care about the environment – how could we not?

At Convini we believe that running a big operation comes with big responsibilities. That’s why we put the environment first in everything we do.

We don’t throw out food. Any surplus is passed on to the homeless charity "Stadsmissionen".

All our coffee is certified.
We use the most environmentally friendly delivery vans.

Our staff undergo environmental training.
We use environmentally friendly cars and our drivers practise ‘eco-driving’.

Our environmental management system complies with ISO 14001.